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      1. Economic View is a financial new media hosted by China News Service. Economic View has Internet News Information Service Licence (Class One), China Value-added Telecommunications Business License, and Internet Religious Information Service License. The Economic View mobile application is the primary platform to distribute our news reports under the guiding principles of authoritative, forward-looking, professional and approachable. Economic View disseminates financial information, interprets economic policies, tells business stories, and creates an elite financial information platform.

        Economic View has its own mobile APP, website, WeChat official account, Weibo as well as other platforms. At the same time, it distributes content through more than ten mainstream platforms such as Xuexiqiangguo, Today's Headlines, Douyin, Yidian News, Sohu, Netease, and Sina.

        As a financial news media, Economic view relies on the superior resources of state-level news agency, high-quality cutting-edge original news, and offline activities. Its influence and dissemination in the field of financial reporting are among the best.

        中新經緯 • 精英的財經資訊


        郵       箱:zhongxinjingwei@chinanews.com.cn

        廣告合作:段紅彪 13811519316

        市場合作:吳   悅 18610183793


        微信公眾號:中新經緯(jwview)       V觀財報(VG-View)